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The multidisciplinary Pangaea team is composed of both prestigious clinical and research professionals and combines expertise in preclinical cancer models with extensive experience in Biomarker Discovery, Molecular Diagnostics, Drug Development and patient care. We follow an open innovation model and actively collaborate with leading industry, healthcare and academic partners at national and international level. We have been at the forefront of numerous groundbreaking discoveries and are regularly involved in practice-changing clinical trials.

At Pangaea, Interns are an important part of the team. Over the years, our Mentoring and Internship Program has given numerous students, clinicians and laboratory researchers the chance to gain hands-on experience and develop their skills on challenging projects working side by side with leading experts in the field of translational oncology research. Many of our former interns have transitioned to full-time or leadership positions, or gone on to publish the results of groundbreaking research carried out in our facilities in prestigious scientific journals.

Some of our former interns include:

  • Dr Patricia Gomez
  • Dr Jia Wei
  • Dr Mariacarmela Santarpia
  • Dr Andres Felipe Cardona
  • Dr Fernanda Salzar
  • Dr Ignacio Magri
  • Dr Laura Bonanno
  • Dr Luciano Wannesson
  • Dr Vito D’Alessandro
  • Dr Michel Van Den Heuvel
  • Dr Roberta Bartolucci
  • Dr Nuria Mederos
  • Dr Niki Karachaliou
  • Dr Daniela Morales Espinosa
  • Dr Chiarra Lazzara
  • Dr Alberto Verlicchi
  • Dr Aldo Riso

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