About Pangaea

Pangaea Oncology provides Molecular Diagnostics and R+D services in the field of personalized cancer treatment. Our research programs include Biomarker Discovery, Molecular Diagnostics Assays and Drug Development. Founded in 2007, we have grown rapidly to become a  reference  laboratory in our field and and have established client relationships with some of the largest global pharmaceutical, diagnostics and biotech companies.


Our mission is to generate a new framework of therapeutic oncology based on personalized models, and incorporate this strategy into standard medical practice.

For patient care, we are the molecular diagnostics laboratory of choice for the Dr Rosell Oncology Institute (IOR) and the reference laboratory for cancer testing for the Quirón Dexeus University Hospital, Barcelona. Through these partnerships we gain valuable insights which inform our R+D programs.

Our Chief Scientific Officer is international expert in translational cancer research Dr Rafael Rosell, and our Pathology Unit is led by renowned expert pathologist Dr Santiago Ramon y Cajal. The Pangaea team is composed of prestigious clinical and research professionals, combining expertise in preclinical cancer research with extensive experience in biomarker discovery, drug development and diagnostic tools with a special focus on liquid biopsies.


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